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This is the general process of buying an apartment in Sunset Resort through Luxury Homes Bulgaria

  1. Choose an apartment
  2. Pay the deposit
  3. Sign the preliminary contract - Copy of passport, current address, contact details and place of birth are needed
  4. Pay the first installment according to the contract, minus the sum of the deposit paid.
  5. Prepare all the documents for the buyer and the seller and the documents concerning the apartment
  6. Transfer the ownership of the apartment to the buyer by signing the title deed ( final agreement)

* All payments are done through special (escrow) account of an independent lawyer/notary and these funds cannot be used or transferred to the apartment seller until the day of signing the title deed. After the signing the title deed by the seller and the buyer (the day of transfer of ownership), the bank transfers funds to the specified in the contract seller's bank account.

* The whole process takes about 45 days, but may take less time depending on the prompt payment and as a consequence of the preparation of the necessary documents.
The costs of notary services, and local tax of subscribing the new owner in the state accounting records, should be paid separately by the buyer.